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Shrine of Jupiter Colonia Natura
Shrine of Jupiter
Shrine of Juno Colonia Natura
Shrine of Juno
Shrine of Vulcanus Colonia Natura
Shrine of Vulcanus
Shrine of Minerva Colonia Natura
Shrine of Minerva
Colonia Natura
Colonia NaturaSitkeSárvárWellness
Shrine of Jupiter
Shrine of Jupiter
Our oldest house – our souls will be relaxed amongst these walls.
Shrine of Juno
Shrine of Juno
Our most family-friendly house, kids and adults can reunite here.
Shrine of Vulcanus
Shrine of Vulcanus
Our hottest apartment where emotions won't get cold either.
Shrine of Minerva
Shrine of Minerva
This is the house which is the closest to nature to guarantee the freshness of your rest.

Colonia Natura Historical Apartments

Our philosophy

„All the rocks in the soil here sing about wisdom of the past ages and the beauty of nature."

Separated from the noisy outside world, embraced by four near spas (Sárvár, Celldömölk, Borgáta, Mesteri), where the hills are soaked in fiery wines of
the Hill Ság, we came to an idea - which later became a mission of us - resulted into the building of Colonia Natura Historical Apartments. We would like
to share the true gifts what this small corner of the Earth has to offer with as many people as possible (families, groups of friends, couples, dog and
petlovers) - tranquility and true leisure.

Colonia Natura defies time with its timeless being. The wise silence of history and the releasing freshness of nature walks hand-in hand here. This
unbelievable world offers tours and adventures - by walk, bicycle or even by airplane. Besides
the recreation and wellness of the body the soul and the mind can also renewed here - so many monuments, sights are here to discover.

Come, step into the world of timeless relaxation!

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