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The roots of Colonia Natura Historical Apartments Park reach back to the distan ancient times. Hundreds of caravans, travelers advanced day-by-day on the famous "amber-road". Passing Savaria (today Szombathely) towards east there stood a military encampment protecting the river-crossing nearby the town of Sárvár. Near to this road, starting above the Rába-river plateau, then down on the declivity of Kemeneshát until the feet of Hill Hercseg lied Bassiana Colonia. This was a resting place for tired travelers, merchants seeking for leisure, who enjoyed the spas in the vicinity, or even wanted to soothe their hunger and thirst with local cuisine or the fiery wines of Hill Ság.

This roman colony - as the empire faded away - first became ruled by the 'avar' state, then it faded into oblivion during the next two thousand years. In the 13th century a new village was born here by the name of Sitke.
During the mid-twentieth century diggings started where lots of ancient artifacts have been dug out, but later all of them were reburied. Then in the 21st century a enthusiastic patriot rolled the wheels of history again, and had a daring vision... it was 2007...

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