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Shrine of Jupiter
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Shrine of Jupiter

Shrine of Jupiter

Our oldest house – our souls will be relaxed amongst these walls. It is a comfortable, historical house for families, four person groups, where you can refresh yourself in separate bathrooms after long walks and picnics.
The living room-kitchen-dining room triangle is a great place to sit together to dine or talk near to the fireplace. At the end of the day we can rest our heads in its intimate bedrooms.

When the weather is good you can admire the view of the emblematic, torn-towers of the iconic sight of the Chapel of Sitke and the beautiful pictorial sight of the nearby hills.
This house is free of smoking and television!

Interesting fact about this shrine is the construction of the slab, which reaches back to ancient plans, it has a unique 7 meters long wooden cover. Its walls are made of oversized antique bricks, some of these are scarce, stamped on pieces.
Wide open parking lot, a barbecue place hiding amongst the roman ruins and lush vegetation surrounds the shrines on 2000 square meters.

Jupiter is the god of all gods in roman mythology, the ruler of the World and the god of the high sky. His messenger is the eagle, he manifests himself in thunder.
They call him Optimus (god of plenty) and Maximus (great god). He commands the army to victory and stops the men from fleeing the battle as the main protector of the state. The vast roman games are presented to honor him.

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